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Christian Character Building Books

What does it mean to build Christian character? You may think that the term sounds dated, but familiar. While many Christian book stores are intent on being trendy and cool, we know that the best books for Christian character growth are the classics. Remember the books you read when you were a child? Of course you do. And sharing these time-tested tales with your own children can be a stepping stone for building Christian character.

Bravery, courage, love, understanding—these are the central themes in many of our Christian character building books for children. Our collections feature heroes and heroines modeled after real children, who exemplify the teachings of Christ. These Christian character books are meant to be beloved and appreciated by children, a treasure trove of stories for years to come.

Christian Character Books

Reclaiming childhood has never been more joyous. These Christian character books are enjoyable for every age, parents and children alike, and are particularly well suited to be read together.

We know that these books on building Christian character will be treasured for years to come.

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