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365 Great Bible Stories

by Carine MacKenzie
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With one story a day for a full year, this book gives you a hearty helping of Bible stories. But even if you want to read several in one sitting or just browse through them in your own time thatís fine too. Because this bookís not about how fast or slow you read, or how many days you spend going through it -- itís about the truth that you discover about Jesus Christ, the true Savior.

He is with his people always no matter what time of day or what month of the year it is. Godís word is true always. Read it and learn from it and follow it all the days of your life.

Author Carine Mackenzie has a skill for retelling Bible stories, which has helped children from all over the world discover Jesus Christ for themselves.

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365 Great Bible Stories

Binding: Hardcover
Page Count: 388
Publisher: Christian Focus Publications
ISBN: 9781-84550-5400