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A Faithful Boy's Influence

by "Aunt Friendly"
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Charlie Clement was a visitor at the home of relatives for a year, and his visit brought about great changes in the minds and attitudes of both the townspeople and even the local pastor. Charlie's admirable character was an encouragement to everyone he met and many learned to imitate his walk with the Lord. This wonderful children's book, about how a young boy initiated respect for God's servant by a good example, will mold your children's character in an important area.

Also, a second part of the book includes Herbert Dawson's Ears For Little Gleaners, a collection of lessons from 19th-century Sunday school books on what true treasure is, how to find wisdom, keep away from sin, and several more. For ages 6-12.

Note: A Faithful Boy's Influence was formerly entitled All Can Help. This new title represents the meaning of the story far better.

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A Faithful Boy's Influence

Binding: Paperback
Page Count: 148
Publisher: Grace & Truth Books
ISBN: 978-1583391068