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A Girl After God's Own Heart

by Elizabeth George
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Bestselling author Elizabeth George follows her popular teen books (more than 400,000 copies sold), including A Young Womanís Guide to Making Right Choices, by reaching out to tweens, ages 8 to 12, in A Girl After Godís Own Heart.

Upbeat and positive, Elizabeth provides biblical truths and suggestions so tweens can thrive. She reaches out to girls where theyíre at and addresses daily issues that concern them, including:

* Building real friendships
* Talking with parents
* Putting Jesus first
* Handling schoolwork and activities
* Deciding how to dress

Girls are busy developing new skills and increasing their knowledge as they grow into young women. A Girl After Godís Own Heart shows them how to establish healthy guidelines that honor God, promote their well-being, and help them get the most from this wonderful time in their lives. Perfect for Sunday school, preteen groups, and individuals.

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A Girl After God's Own Heart

Binding: Paperback
Page Count: 108
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
ISBN: 9780-7369-17681

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