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A Journey in God's Sovereignty

by Richard Belcher
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Is there any theological doctrine more difficult and problematical than dealing with the subject of the sovereignty of God in relationship to the will of man and our responsibility before God? Is man's will free or is it enslaved? If God is sovereign, then how can man be responsible? If man is free, then how can God be sovereign? And so Richard Belcher's exciting "journey" series continues, with a story about God's sovereignty over all things.

Ira Pointer and Dink find themselves in serious trouble at the seminary where they teach, because of this doctrine. They face the possible loss of their jobs, simply because the board of trustees and others do not understand these truths nor the doctrinal history of their own denomination.

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A Journey in God's Sovereignty

Binding: Paperback
Page Count: 181
Publisher: Richbarry Press
ISBN: 18832-65282