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A Journey Of Souls

by C.D. Baker
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"Hands down, this is easily the most gripping historical fiction I have ever read. It completely captivated me and drew me into the story, for hours at a time."
-- Dennis Gundersen, owner of Grace & Truth Books

A beautifully told recounting of one of history's most tragic stories, the Children's Crusade of the 13th century. Told with immense compassion and insight - you will have difficulty putting it down.

By the beginning of the 13th century, Christendom had endured the loss of thousands of its bravest knights in four bloody crusades against Islam. Then, in 1212, the most tragic of all the crusades was ventured...a crusade of children in which more than 50,000 young souls set upon a determined march to reclaim Jerusalem. This heart-wrenching catastrophe is now brilliantly told in a chronicle of misadventure that will not be easily forgotten.

The village of Weyer, Germany, is home to the stout-hearted Wilhelm, his earnest brother Karl, and their gentle sister, Maria. For reasons of both faith and secret necessity, they leave their village in hopes of catching the column of crusaders who had gone on before. Others soon enlist as Wilhelm leads his growing company through the foreboding haunts of the legendary Rhine valley. Wilhelm accepts, though reluctantly, the companionship of an aged, outcast priest named Pieter the Broken. His decision proves a wise one as this remarkable man would soon guide the band through their sufferings to a discovery of things none could expect.

Filled with mystery, surprise, wit, and complexity, A Journey of Souls offers characters that step out of the shadows of time yearning to be known. Far more than an exciting account of a historical event, this work is a skillful invitation to those courageous enough to face time's most daunting questions.

Note: many of these copies have slight signs of wear or rips in the dust jacket. But the hardcover book within the dust jacket is flawless.

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A Journey Of Souls

Binding: Hardcover with jacket
Page Count: 440
Publisher: Preston Speed
ISBN: 978-1887159470

Available: 1