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A Reluctant Missionary

by Margaret Hayes
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God's call was loud, clear and insistent: she was to go the Congo. So, what was a recently qualified, ambitious young woman to make of this? She had a speech impediment, she would need more training, and where would the money for all this come from?

But when Margaret yielded to His will and plan for her life, she began an amazing journey of adventure and faith, experiencing a range of incredible difficulties and wonderful answers to prayer. Born in London, she served for many years in the Congo and in the Republic of Niger.

"A kaleidoscope of Divine miracles and sheer hard work, soaring triumph and tragic loss, glorious laughter and bitter tears, spiritual reluctance and fervent courage." -- Brian Edwards

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A Reluctant Missionary

Binding: Paperback
Page Count: 128
Publisher: Day One Publications
ISBN: 978-1903087756