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Acts: The Church Afire

by Kent Hughes
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Dynamic churches–congregations that are experiencing phenomenal growth, Christian ministries that God is using to take down walls, churches where souls are being saved and lives transformed–inspire us and make for great reading. The book of Acts, the divinely inspired history of the early church, is all this and more.

In the author's words: "One reason I love to study the book of Acts is its uniqueness. It is the sourcebook for the spread of early Christianity. Without it we would know little about the apostolic church except what could be gleaned from Paul's epistles. It is the chronicle of the spreading flame of the Holy Spirit."

In this welcome addition to the Preaching the Word series, Pastor Kent Hughes explores the key narratives of the book of acts, including the birth of the church, bold gospel preaching resulting in the prospering of the church, and the dramatic missionary journeys of the Apostle Paul.

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Acts: The Church Afire

Binding: Hardcover with jacket
Page Count: 382
Publisher: Crossway
ISBN: 9780-89107-8739