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Call Of Duty: The Sterling Nobility Of Robert E. Lee

by J. Steven Wilkins
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It has been said of Robert E. Lee that the essence of him was not found in what he said but in what he did - his life was one long response to the call of duty. Lee was a gentleman. Though he lived at a time filled with possibly this country's greatest conflict and turmoil, he emerged with untainted integrity.

Lee maintained a noticeably humble spirit, despite the fact he was revered as one of the greatest military leaders of all time and held in immense esteem by the soldiers who went to battle under his orders. Whether friend or foe, liberal or conservative, great or small, the experts, academicians, all historians of Lee share the same opinion - Lee was a remarkable and godly man, of sterling character.

Charles Bracelen Flood has said that the essence of Robert E. Lee "...was to be found not in what he said, but in what he did. There were dimensions to Lee, but his life was one long response to whatever struck him as being the call of duty."

Duty to care for his mother, duty as a son, a student, a soldier, a husband and father, a general, and a mentor of students at both West Point and Washington College. Duty called to him at every point of his life. In this captivating look at his leadership in action, we see why Lee answered again and again the call of duty he could not ignore.

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Call Of Duty: The Sterling Nobility Of Robert E. Lee

Binding: Hardcover with jacket
Page Count: 340
Publisher: Cumberland House
ISBN: 978-1888952230

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