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Character For Life: Profiles of Great Men and Women of Faith who shaped Western Civilization

by Don Hawkinson
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Half price! An in-depth study of famous American men and women who exhibited tremendous character in their respective eras. Meet Scripture-guided reformers like David Brainerd and Sojourner Truth.

Don Hawkinson has crafted an amazing book that records the true character and nature of early Americans, from the political, religious, and social justice arenas, includes well-known figures like George Washington, to more 'obscure' great Americans such as John Witherspoon and Benjamin Rush.

Each profile runs 6 to 12 pages and provides readers/students with concise information for reports and presentations. Hawkinson has come to realize how Christians in America can impact the world for Jesus Christ. Character for Life: An American Heritage is a collection of stories of people who were abandoned to the mission of Jesus Christ. Their love for God and their country should motivate us to not only treasure our 'godly heritage' but inspire us to discover our role in the Great Commission.

Complete list of those covered in this volume:
Character For Life


1) Thomas Aquinas: Truth
2) Isaac Newton: Wisdom
3) Hugo Grotius: The Golden Rule
4) Fanny Crosy: Depend on God
5) David Brained: Sorrow for Sin
6) Bliase Pascal: A Grateful and Submissive Spirit
7) Samuel Adams: Hunger for Righteousness
8) Alexander Hamilton: Forgive and Extend Mercy
9) Jonathan Edwards: Love God With a Pure Heart
10) John Quincy Adams: Blessed Are the Peacemakers
11) Abraham Lincoln: Persecuted for Righteousness
12) Patrick Henry: Walking in God's Truth
13) William Penn: Trusting God's Character
14) John Witherspoon: Reverence for God
15) Benjamin Rush: Seeking God's Kingdom First
16) William Wilberforce: Compassion
17) John Winthrop: Courage
18) Noah Webster: Faithfulness
19) Joseph Story: Goodness
20) George Whitefield: Grace
21) John Wesley: Holiness
22) Florence Nightingale: Hospitality
23) John Marshall: Humility
24) Richard Hooker: Impartiality
25) George Washington: Integrity
26) Charles Finney: Jealousy for God's Honor
27) Charles Wesley: Joy
28) Sojourner Truth: Justice
29) George Washington Carver: Kindness
30) Count Ludwig von Zinzendorf: Love
31) George Mason: Patience
32) Daniel Webster: Respectfulness
33) John Adams: Responsibility
34) Roger Sherman: Self Control
35) John Jay: Selflessness
36) William Bradford: Thankfulness
37) James Madison: Zeal

ISBN 0-89221-629-8

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Character For Life: Profiles of Great Men and Women of Faith who shaped Western Civilization

Binding: Hardcover
Page Count: 474
Publisher: New Leaf Press
ISBN: 978-0892216291