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Character Trails: Learning to Walk in Paths of Righteousness

by Marilyn Boyer
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An exciting and colorfully illustrated kids' character book by Marilyn Boyer! Sure to be a hit with both moms and children, it teaches the essential character qualities of attentiveness, boldness, decisiveness, joyfulness, flexibility, availability, generosity, courage, orderliness, endurance, thoroughness, and compassion. Recommended for use with children ages 6-12.

Practical hands-on projects make learning come alive. Interesting "application questions" make it easy for you and your child to apply lessons to real life situations!

You will meet a wide variety of worthy heroes including General Douglas MacArthur, blind hymn writer Fanny Crosby - even a canine hero, Balto the sled dog who saved Nome from the plague by carrying the vaccine through an impossible blizzard! Each character quality is illustrated by someone in history, Scripture and everyday life stories. And it all come to life through the eyes of "the cousins" of the Boyer family, as a series of charming photos illustrate stories throughout the book.

Prepare to be amazed at how much fun great character can be!

Marilyn Boyer and her husband Rick are true pioneers of homeschooling. Beginning in 1980, Marilyn has taught all of her 14 children from kindergarten through high school. Her passion for putting Christian character at the top of her educational priorities resulted in the creation of the Character Concepts Curriculum. Marilyn has authored several books including Parenting from the Heart, Hand-on Character Building, and For You They Signed, which inspires children and adults alike by learning of the character of our founders. Her combination of compassion, godly wisdom, and rich insight into the hearts of children has made her a cherished resource for moms all across America.

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Character Trails: Learning to Walk in Paths of Righteousness

Binding: Hardcover
Page Count: 164
Publisher: The Learning Parent
ISBN: 9780-9777685-30

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