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Check This Out: Six Mini-Videos on Six Hot Creation Topics!

by Ken Ham, with Answers in Genesis
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6 animated mini-videos on 1 DVD. You’ve never seen the creation issue addressed quite this way before!

If you want teaching on creation and evolution that is fun and exciting, you need to check out Check This Out! This creative, cutting-edge new DVD contains six brief videos - each about 4 minutes long - each one covering a distinct “hot topic” in the creation/evolution debate and each answering the controversy at warp speed!

Fully animated and colorful, this DVD is excellent for everyone — especially teens and college students. Perfect for youth to copy to their MP-3 player and share with friends. The six brief videos on the DVD explain:
* Radiometric Dating
* Fossils and the Flood
* The Origin of Races
* Pain & Suffering
* The Nature of Science
* Evolution Refuted

People respond to different things differently. And that's definitely the case with how they process facts regarding the creation/evolution controversy. Many people of virtually all ages love to attend (or view on DVD) AiG’s popular seminars and conferences, and they can’t get enough of the information once they start to see how it makes the Bible truly come to life. Still others prefer very succinct summaries. In fact, most of us probably fit into both of these categories at different times in our lives.

With that in mind, AiG teamed up with award-winning video producer “Bub” Kuns to create a DVD loaded with the fastest and most succinct presentations we’ve ever released. This single DVD covers six different topics using an extremely creative combination of animation, text, and humor.

Each subject is addressed with the latest discoveries, making them perfect to show the family, and amazing as a way to spice up sermons, Sunday school lessons, small group studies, and more.

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Check This Out: Six Mini-Videos on Six Hot Creation Topics!

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Publisher: Answers in Genesis
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