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Concord Cunningham The Scripture Sleuth (5 volume set)

by Mat Halverson
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Are you ready to catch villains, solve puzzles, and crack cases that stump normal detectives? Grab your Bible and get ready to do some Scripture sleuthing, with Concord Cunningham. Concord investigates an exciting new mystery in each chapter. But instead of revealing the solution at the end of the chapter, Concord gives readers a Bible verse to look up. The Bible verse holds the final clue to that chapter's mystery, so readers must open a Bible, find the verse, and look for the clue.

When readers are ready to see if they have cracked the case, the solutions are at the back of the book. You'll realize that having a broad knowledge of God's Word imparts wisdom to us that can help us in surprising ways and in all sorts of situations. Highly recommended for ages 7-12. These make great family read-alouds also!

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Concord Cunningham The Scripture Sleuth (5 volume set)

Binding: 5-volume Paperback Set
Page Count: 500 total
Publisher: Focus Publishing
ISBN: 978-1885904195

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