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Draw and Write Through History - All 6 volumes!

by Carylee Gressman; illustrations and drawing instructions by Peggy Dick
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Now you can combine art, history, and cursive handwriting all in one! Take your students on an exciting journey through time as they learn to draw and write their way through history.

An excellent supplement to any history curriculum! Whether you are using a classical, Charlotte Mason, or traditional textbook approach to teaching history, your students will retain more of what they have learned - and enjoy learning it! - by drawing and writing about each time period.

Each book comes in a lay-flat binding for drawing ease!

* Chronological, was an emphasis on Biblical history
* Aimed at ages 8+, but adaptable for younger students
* Highly student-friendly!
-- Each drawing is broken down into steps, and each step is shown in color

See the individual books and their links (below) to look at each title by itself, if you like.

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Draw and Write Through History - All 6 volumes!

Binding: Large Paperback 6 volume set
Page Count: 384 total
Publisher: CPR Publishing
ISBN: 09778597-54

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