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Faith & Freedom Trilogy (Guns of Thunder, Lion, Providence) - all 3 books)

by Douglas Bond
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All three (3) volumes in the Faith and Freedom Trilogy by Douglas Bond:
Guns of Thunder
Guns of the Lion
Guns of Providence

This Doug Bond triology chronicles a new generations of the M'Kethe family who find freedom in 18th-century America. Adventure is afoot as Old World tyrannies clash with New World freedoms. Douglas Bond weaves together fictional characters with historical figures from Scottish and American history.

Includes these three volumes:

Guns of Thunder
The M'Kethe clan finds itself in pre-Revolutionary War Connecticut weathering a storm of religious and political upheaval. Ian M'Kethe is forced to make a choice in the face of enormous odds, as tensions mount between the colonists and the French with their Indian allies. Forging an unlikely friendship with Watookoog, an Indian, Ian risks everything and gains something he thought he had lost forever.

Guns of the Lion
Gavin Crookshank has his first taste of battle at sea when the HMS Lion engages in a death struggle with the French allies of Bonnie Prince Charlie. As a pawn in the hands of two opposing armies, he attempts to act with integrity in a chaos of loyalties during the bloody Jacobite Rebellion. Facing the noose of Bonnie Prince Charlie, or the dungeons of King George, which ruler will finally win his loyalty?

Guns of Providence
The American Revolution ignites a fire that rallies patriots to fight! Sandy M’Kethe, along with freeman Salem Poor, find themselves enlisted together in George Washington’s army. An expert marksman with the longbow, Sandy’s skill attracts the attention of the intrepid sea captain John Paul Jones. Sandy and Salem are bound for high-seas adventures. Together, can they navigate the guns of Providence?

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Faith & Freedom Trilogy (Guns of Thunder, Lion, Providence) - all 3 books)

Binding: Paperback 3-volume Set
Page Count: 778 total
Publisher: P & R Publishing
ISBN: 9781-596380134x

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