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Farm Mystery Series (10-Volume Set)

by Stephen & Susie Castleberry
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The Castleberry Farm Mystery Series are some of the most entertaining and character-building Christian family reading stories you can ever find for your children. At 20% off when you buy the set!

This ever-growing set (with a new book released each year) makes a superb addition to any family library. The sequence is:

Book 1: Footprints in the Barn
Book 2: The Mysterious Message
Book 3: Midnight Sky
Book 4: Who, Me?
Book 5: Weighty Matters
Book 6: Where There's Smoke
Book 7: The History Mystery
Book 8: Lights Out!
Book 9: Trapped
Book 10: The Case of the Missing Man

Perfect for ages 8-14 to read, and great for reading aloud to even younger children.

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Farm Mystery Series (10-Volume Set)

Binding: Paperback
Page Count: 1600 total
Publisher: Castleberry Farms
ISBN: 1-891907-10-7s