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For Whom Did Christ Die? The Extent of the Atonement

by John Murray
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From the booklet:
"The question of the extent of the atonement is simply: for whom did Christ make atonement? In even simpler language it is: for whom did Christ die? The question is: on whose behalf did Christ offer himself a sacrifice? On whose behalf did he propitiate the wrath of God? Whom did he reconcile to God in the body of his flesh through death? Whom did he redeem from the curse of the law, from the guilt and power of sin, from the enthralling power and bondage of Satan? In whose stead and on whose behalf was he obedient unto death, even the death of the cross?

"One of the most difficult questions in the whole scheme of salvation is here simply answered by Professor Murray. He takes key Scripture texts and demonstrates the great success of the atonement leaving one to glory in the sovereign Redeemer of Calvary. This treatise changed my life thirty years ago. Today it remains at the top portion of my most significant reads." - Robert B. Selph, Pastor, Grace Baptist Church, Taylors, SC

"Of all the men I have known, John Murray was the man I have judged to be most full of God. To see walking him about the campus set your heart beating faster and you hurried along to join with him, drawn by his love. Then you were careful what words you spoke when you were with him because of his holiness. He would take a class of students into the presence of God and preach his lectures with the deepest earnestness and clarity. He was a fearless Christian whose mind was bound captive to the Bible. Where the Bible went John Murray went and his heart was full of the atoning death of his Saviour as his only hope in life and death." - Geoff Thomas, Alfred Place Baptist Church, Aberystwyth, Wales

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For Whom Did Christ Die?  The Extent of the Atonement

Binding: Booklet
Page Count: 32
Publisher: Solid Ground Christian Books
ISBN: 9781-59925-1561