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Helping Your Child Build a Good Conscience (Audio CD)

by Dennis Gundersen
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What the Bible calls "a good conscience" is one of the most indispensable traits to be developed in youth. If this is not formed early, it is rarely formed later; if lost in one's youth, it is rarely retrieved later. Parents are in the most advantageous position to help their child form a good conscience!

The question is: are we doing so? Do you know what's necessary to hone a conscience which is alive and alert, so your child has firm convictions and is compelled towards a righteous walk and away from sinful lifestyles? Do you know how to help him form a discerning conscience, sharp as an arrow which penetrates beyond his external actions, and knows how to assess even his motives? For Christian parents who yearn to raise up young people who don't merely do the right thing when you're watching, but whose own hearts are responsive to the Word of God, this message by Dennis Gundersen provides a practical plan for achieving these indispensable aims.

single Audio CD, 52 minutes

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Helping Your Child Build a Good Conscience (Audio CD)

Binding: CD
Publisher: Grace & Truth Books
ISBN: 74063-2