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Hero Tales, Part 1 (audiobook)

by Theodore Roosevelt and Henry Cabot Lodge; read aloud by Hal Young
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Audio book (Part 1) of Theodore Roosevelt's and Henry Cabot Lodge's famous book, Hero Tales. This CD includes five stirring accounts from early American history, illustrating the values of heroism, courage, patriotism, and perseverance. Narrated by Hal Young (author of Raising Real Men). This edition also includes background music and sound effects.

This CD covers these stories:
* George Washington
* Daniel Boone
* George Rogers Clark
* The Battle of Trenton
* The Battle of Bennington

Roosevelt proved that a political figure could also excel in military matters and literary endeavors. This work covers a most interesting list of heroes in American history, from Daniel Boone and George Rogers Clark through various Revolutionary War participants, to activities during the Civil War.

Daniel Boone will always occupy a unique place in our history as the archetype of the hunter and wilderness wanderer. He was a true pioneer, and stood at the head of that class of Indian-fighters, game-hunters, forest-fellers, and backwoods farmers who, generation after generation, pushed westward the border of civilization from the Alleghenies to the Pacific. As he himself said, he was "an instrument ordained of God to settle the wilderness".

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Hero Tales, Part 1 (audiobook)

Binding: CD
Publisher: Great Waters Press
ISBN: 9781-5985-95925

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