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Kids of Character: Bible Study + Flash Card Set!

by Marilyn Boyer
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Marilyn Boyer's Kids of Character Bible Study AND the accompanying Flash Card Set!

Marilyn Boyer writes about her book: "A practical study for children of the 45 character qualities I taught my children, learning what God`s Word has to say about each one and how to apply it to their lives. An added feature contained in this study is "Ifs" , a game we often played to help children learn to make wise decisions before they are even placed in a position of temptation.

Our grown children have testified that this helped them many times to choose the right thing, from having played a game which prepared them for choosing to do right based on insights gained from God`s Word.

This is a fresh new edition of a longtime favorite of Marilyn Boyer's Bible studies for children, greatly improved in overall appearance and layout, including adding a table of contents and a picture for each quality. And, of course - as shown - with the Flash Cards!

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Kids of Character: Bible Study + Flash Card Set!

Binding: Large Paperback AND Flash Card Set
Page Count: 188
Publisher: The Learning Parent
ISBN: 780-9785859-76x