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Letters to a Daughter on Practical Subjects (hardcover)

by William Sprague
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Beautiful rose-colored cloth bound volume. Loaded with obvious connections to the book of Proverbs, this wise father and 19th-century pastor skillfully enriches his daughter's life with letters of guidance. Not light reading! Covers: friendships, education, reading, conversation, amusement, humility and more.

The reading of W.B. Sprague's Letters To A Daughter was often attended by the impression that the author was a 19th century Solomon, intent upon imparting to his child wisdom and sanctified common sense much like the Proverbs. As a reader familiar with the Proverbs reads this volume, repeated connections will be easily seen between its practical directives and the inspired wisdom set before Solomon's son.

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Letters to a Daughter on Practical Subjects (hardcover)

Binding: Hardcover
Page Count: 268
Publisher: Sprinkle Publications
ISBN: 001-648