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Lights Out!

by Stephen & Susie Castleberry
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8th book in the Farm Mystery Series! New mysteries at the Nelson farm, and lots of fun to go along with it. Lights go out and come back on, Mom keeps playing with flashlights and candles, and Cathy does a short disappearing act. Is Andy sleepwalking again? Why is there water on the bedroom floor at midnight? Who's going to win the contests they've come up with? And will Grandad ever find his way out of that maze?

To find out the answers, you'll have to read Lights Out! Parents can rest assured that there are no murders, worldly situations, language, or boy-girl relationships. Just wholesome Christian family life, with everyday adventure woven in. Many families tell us that they use our series as read-aloud-to-the-family books, and you won't be disappointed if you do, too.

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Lights Out!

Binding: Paperback
Page Count: 176
Publisher: Castleberry Farms
ISBN: 9781-891907-210