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Little Threads

by Elizabeth Prentiss
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The Stories of Tangle Thread, Silver Thread, and Golden Thread

A classic for young children, from the pen of Elizabeth Prentiss

Originally written in 1863 but as readable and enjoyable for today's children as ever! It was Mrs. Prentiss' intent that this gem of a book would be a tool by which children would learn the blessings of obedience. Read about the contrasting lives of Tangle Thread and Golden Thread, one of them being the cause of much grief for her godly mother, and the other the only bright spot in her poor mother's world.

It was Mrs. Prentiss' intent that this little gem of a book would be a tool by which children would learn more about obedience, in a pleasant format.

Prentiss was a daughter of one of the great revival preachers of the early 19th century, Edward Payson, but became soon known for her own excellence in writing books oriented to the family. She leads the reader to strengthen his trust in the Lord while spurring us to patience, hope, loyalty and goodness. Her dedication and love for the Lord can be seen both not only in her writings but also in the words of her famous hymn, More Love to Thee, O Christ.

Character themes in this story: obedience, boundaries and sibling rivalry.

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Little Threads

Binding: Hardcover
Page Count: 160
Publisher: Lamplighter Rare Collectors
ISBN: 9781-58474-1206