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Marmee's Kitchen Primer

by Martha Greene
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The completely revised and updated 2nd edition of Marmee's Kitchen Primer is now in print! I have edited, reformatted, added new details and graphics to make this a lovely keepsake cookbook (that is pratical enough to be used everyday!) for your budding cook. An old-fashioned style cookbook for girls, targeted age range is 7 years to 17 years old.

Filled with charming, old-fashioned silhouette graphics. Includes:

* A COOK'S PRIMER - basic instructions on keeping a proper kitchen as in "how to wash dishes", "how to set a table", "how to measure ingredients", "how to fill a pantry" and more.

* BREAKFAST, LUNCH DINNER,, SNACKS & SWEETS recipes, in an easy to read format for beginner cooks.

* SPECIAL DAYS: 6 different ways to make any ordinary day special, complete with decorating ideas and menus and food preparation.

* EXTRA RECIPE and COOKING DIARY for copying favorite recipes shared by friends.

* TESTS AND PROJECTS: to test your skills learned from the Kitchen Primer. Written in a style that every girl that is old-fashioned at heart will treasure. Easy to make, delicious, southern-style recipes to make any girl known as a 'good cook'.

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Marmee's Kitchen Primer

Binding: Spiral bound book
Page Count: 160
Publisher: Greene Acres Publications
ISBN: 1-932397-29x