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Our 24 Family Ways (updated edition)

by Clay & Sally Clarkson
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An excellent family devotional guide. To train up our children in the way they should go requires parents who are decisive about what will be the established patterns and "house rules" of the home. This is an excellent collection of proposed "family ways", forged by the Clarksons in their own home and in raising 4 children.

A large, "oversized" book (8-1/2" x 11") with illustrations on every page. See examples of the "24 ways" by clicking on "additional information" (below). This also includes 24 coloring pages in the back as well.

* Helps and Insights-Extensive introduction with lots of insights and helps for family devotions, and using the 24 Ways in your family life

* 24 Ways-Carefully worded family values statements in six areas of family life and experience

* 120 Scriptures-Each way includes five related Scripture verses or passages

* 24 Character Qualities-Each way includes an easy-to-remember related character quality and definition

* 120 Devotional Outlines-Each way includes five days of fully-scripted family devotional outlines using a parent-friendly approach called the Family Devotional A.R.T.S. outline

* Way Helps-A page for each with memory verses, commentary, character quality definitions,an illustration "story starter," and room for a parent to make notes

* Illustrations-Professional, child-friendly illustrations of every way, plus one for Proverbs 22:6, with an appealing graphic layout for the parent guide material

* Even More-Family Commitment page, character quality review page, 24 ways review page, and "My Own Way" pages

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Our 24 Family Ways (updated edition)

Binding: Large Lay-Open Paperback
Page Count: 156
Publisher: Whole Heart Ministries
ISBN: 9781-888692-150