Probable Sons

by Amy Lefeuvre
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Full of the heart issues of unforgiveness and reconciliation, Probable Sons is a delightful book that will keep you smiling throughout. In a world of broken relationships, our little heroine Milly will help us tear away the layers of stubbornness and pride and provide a path that can help restore the injured from the most hurtful pain of the past. May the truths found in this little story find a resting place in many hearts that have strayed so far from home.

This delightful story will keep you smiling as our little heroine, Milly, boldly and innocently exhorts "probable sons" to return home. (She can't pronounce "prodigal.") The Lord uses her wording to impact people in a surprising way! May the truths found in this little story find a resting place in the many hearts that have strayed far from home.

About the Author:
Each Amy LeFeuvre book is like finding a dear old friend amidst a crowd of strangers. Her words capture the mind of a child in all its fascinating simplicity and clearly present Christian teaching. Her characters could easily live right in your own home! She has been a favorite author of many of the Lamplighter Rare Collectors volumes. May Amy LeFeuvre's refreshing words always bring a smile to your face.

Character themes in this story: obedience and boundaries.

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Probable Sons

Binding: Hardcover
Page Count: 128
Publisher: Lamplighter Rare Collectors
ISBN: 978-1584740339