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Recollections and Private Memoirs of Washington

by G.W. Parke Custis
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Here is the story of George Washington firsthand, through the eyes of his adopted son, in a monumental volume of great historical value. First published in 1859.

Here is a history volume that belongs in the library of every American family. For one, because its author is one who, from youth, called General and President Washington his father and intimately knew the Great Patriot's family and life.

Just a portion of the contents are listed below - there is much more:

Washington at Mount Vernon
Observer of the Sabbath
Tour of his Farms Vernon
Washington's Evenings Vernon
His Habits in Winter Vernon
Washington at the Battle of Princeton
Composition of the American Army
Washington Undismayed by Defeat
Battle of Germantown
Anecdote of Pulaski
The Undisciplined Americans
March to Valley Forge
Privations at Valley Forge
Washington s Compassion
Washington on the Night of the Battle of Monmouth
Exposure in Battle
Anecdote of Colonel Hamilton
Incidents of the Siege of Yorktown
Cornwallis's Attempt to Escape
A Chosen Guest at Washington's Table
Mysteries of the Revolution
Headquarters at Morristown
Washington's Life-Guard (select corps)
Depreciation of Continental Money
Celebration of Washington's Birthday
Washington a Sportsman
First Year of the Presidency
Aversion to Show and Pomp
Martha Washington

More reasons to purchase this fine volume:

Explanatory footnotes throughout from the original publisher, with many additional eyewitness accounts. These exceptional anecdotes and histories are enough to make a book all their own.

Correspondence between Washington and his adopted son while the latter was at Princeton and then Annapolis. Full of practical wisdom for today's young men.

Correspondence between General Washington and John Parke Custis (the author's father) during the Revolution. Reveals Washington's great presence of mind.

Memoir of Mr. Custis by his daughter; which introduces a "very curious matter" about the earlier history of the family.

A sketch, by Mr. Custis, of Washington's mother; acknowledged by Washington himself as the foundation of his fame.

Background on all the original portraits of Washington.

Presentation of a ring to General Lafayette by Mr. Custis at the tomb of Washington, 1826.

The famous oration on the death of Washington delivered by Henry Lee before Congress.

Washington's directions for the management of his farms, 1789.

Beautifully designed cover; stamped in gold with the famous painting of Washington praying at Valley Forge.

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Recollections and Private Memoirs of Washington

Binding: Hardcover
Page Count: 644
Publisher: Sprinkle Publications
ISBN: 9781-92859-6035