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Sermons on Important Doctrines

by John Colquhoun
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John Colquhoun was one of the greatest of Scottish Presbyterian preachers (1748-1827), and this volume is a reprint of many of his finest sermons on the most essential doctrines of all: the Person and work of Christ, justification by faith alone, sanctification, salvation from sin, Union With Christ, Christ as our Surety, and more. Edited by Dr. Don Kistler, and also includes a 25-page biography of Colquhoun.

Colquhoun was one of the greatest of the Scottish Presbyterian preachers (1748-1827), and is well-known for his other books, entitled Repentance, Law and Gospel, and Spiritual Comfort. This collection of his sermons, out of print for many years until now, includes:

Sermon 1: The Incarnation of Christ
Sermon 2: Christ as His Father's Servant
Sermon 3: Christ as our Surety
Sermon 4: Christ as the Lord Our Righteousness
Sermon 5: Union With Christ
Sermon 6: Justification
Sermon 7: Sanctification
Sermon 8: Salvation From Sin

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Sermons on Important Doctrines

Binding: Hardcover
Page Count: 260
Publisher: Northampton Press
ISBN: 978-0979857928

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