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Shepherding A Child's Heart: DVD Video Series

by Tedd Tripp
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These 4 DVD's contain 15 half-hour presentations, walking you through the content of Shepherding a Child's Heart. in live presentation by the author! Also includes a new 45 page Discussion Guide in Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF) format; and it's on a separate CD for easy printing from a computer. These lecture tapes are a wonderful tool for Group Study use, whether in your church, home Bible study, or a support group. Tripp's enormous wealth of experience as a parent, a school administrator, and a pastor of over 30 years at the same church are more than evident in his stories and insights on Biblical parenting.

Session 1: Getting to the Heart of Behavior
Session 2: Shaping Influences and Godward Orientation
Session 3: Discovering the Abundance of the Heart
Session 4: Communication

Session 5: Appeal to Conscience
Session 6: The Rod of Correction
Session 7: Critiquing Your Goals
Session 8: Keeping the Gospel Central

Session 9: Playing Catch-Up
Session 10: Ages 0-5: Goals and Objectives
Session 11: Ages 0-5: Methods
Session 12: Ages 6-12: Goals and Objectives

Session 13: Ages 6-12: Methods
Session 14: The Teen Years: Goals and Objectives
Session 15: The Teen Years: Methods

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Shepherding A Child's Heart: DVD Video Series

Binding: DVD set
Publisher: Shepherd Press
ISBN: 978-09767-58211