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Simplicity in Preaching

by J.C. Ryle
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‘What do you recommend on preaching?’ is a frequently asked question that can be answered in a variety of ways. There is always much to learn and there are many books to help us. But whatever else a preacher reads, J.C. Ryle’s little masterpiece Simplicity in Preaching is a ‘must read’.

Ryle packs more experience and sanctified common sense into two dozen pages than many others manage in a lengthy treatise. And, like all of his work, this one illustrates the very simplicity he commends to others. Here indeed is a work whose value and usefulness is out of all proportion to its length.
-- Sinclair B. Ferguson

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Simplicity in Preaching

Binding: Booklet
Page Count: 24
Publisher: Banner of Truth Trust
ISBN: 9781-84871-0658