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The Tract Primer

by American Tract Society
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This remarkable book packs more into 104 pages than can be imagined. Intended for very young children who are just beginning to read it contains material that will lay a solid foundation in the heart of every child trained by it. It is the perfect tool for homeschooling moms who want to teach their children sound doctrine as they are teaching them to read.

Some of the material covered in this precious volume include:
* Alphabet with couplets and pictures
* Lessons from words of two letters, three letters, and four letters
* Qualities and verbs of doing
* Vowels, double letters, points and Roman Numerals
* Stories of:
- the Dove and the Lamb
- The Bible, the Best of all Books
- The Commandments in Verse
- Bed Time Prayers
- The Soul Cannot Die
- Dr. Watts' Cradle Hymns
- Easy Bible Questions for Little Children
- Dr. Watts' First Catechism for Children
- The Child's Scripture Catechism

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The Tract Primer

Binding: Paperback
Page Count: 104
Publisher: Solid Ground Christian Books
ISBN: 1-59925-1302

Available: 1