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Treasury of Vintage Homekeeping Skills (Spiral bound edition)

by Martha Greene
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Spiral-bound edition

Reminiscent of the old-time home manuals and journals, kept by homekeepers of the past, this book is well-named as a Treasury - it will be treasured, as it is intended to be passed from mother to daughter.

All at once, a book full of ideas about domestic skills, which have fast become a lost art in our day. Inside, you will find vintage illustrations, recipes, sewing directions, record keeping ideas, clues on how to make, cook, fix or repair this and that - far more than you can imagine until you have a copy in your hands to open up for yourself!

An outstanding gift book for the lady - young or old - who is ready to honor the days of taking pride in her homekeeping skills! Filled with inspiration, artwork, illustrations, and room for journal entries - to keep "the way Mother always did it" from becoming forgotten in our rapidly changing world.

The volume is spiral-bound, so it can be used in a "lay-open" manner on the counter, leaving your hands free to work as you read. A superb wedding gift for the bride, or a great "hope chest" item.

A host of authors and contributors! Including:
~ Mrs. Martha Greene - www.marmeeskitchen.com

~ Mrs. Rebekah Wilson - www.hopechestlegacy.com

~ Mrs. Laurie Latour - www.futurechristianhomemakers.com

~ Mrs. Lydia Sherman - www.ladiesagainstfeminism.com

~ Mrs. Marilyn Moll - www.urbanhomemaker.com

~ Mrs. Kimberly Eddy - www.joyfulmomma.org

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Treasury of Vintage Homekeeping Skills (Spiral bound edition)

Binding: Spiral bound book
Page Count: 244
Publisher: Greene Acres Publications
ISBN: 1-932307-990

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