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Voting as a Christian: The Economic and Foreign Policy Issues

by Wayne Grudem
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Written not by a journalist or politician but rather by a theology professor with a Ph.D. in New Testament studies, Voting by the Bible: The Economic and Foreign Policy Issues begins with the assumption that God intended the Bible to give guidance to every area of life---including how governments should function.

Grudem is always practical, and this book highlights how a Christian can think through the social issues that have dominated political debate recently. Throughout, the author supports political positions that would be called more 'conservative' than 'liberal.' However, he says, "it is important to understand that I see these positions as flowing out of the Bible's teachings rather than positions I hold prior to, or independently of, those biblical teachings. My primary purpose in the book is not to be liberal or conservative, or Democrat or Republican, but to explain a biblical worldview and a biblical perspective on issues of politics, law, and government."

Concise yet carefully argued, this book is a must-read for any Christian concerned about current debates over social issues such as abortion, education, homosexual marriage, pornography, religious freedom, and others. Not every reader will agree with the book's conclusions. But by grounding his analysis deeply on Scripture, Grudem has equipped Christians to better understand and respond to some of today's key political debates wisely and in a manner consistent with their primary citizenship as members and ambassadors of the kingdom of God.

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Voting as a Christian: The Economic and Foreign Policy Issues

Binding: Paperback
Page Count: 336
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 9780-31049-5994

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